My name is Masih Alinejhad. I am journalist and I would like to interview you about pieces of news that have been published on acid attacks on ISNA and Fars new agencies. “Go to hell! You, anti-revolutionary journalist! Why? Absolutely wrong hell that you interviewed me! Actually, who are you that you are calling me?! You are anti-revolutionist! I do not interview with anti-revolutionists! If you said that you were anti-revolutionist from the beginning, I would not speak to you. You are not human being to speak to! You are betraying the state! You are betraying the revolution! You are betraying humanity!” These pieces are utterances from a high-level clerical figure of Iran, who gives weekly speeches during Friday Prayers. Mr. Ahmad Khatami is a member of the Board of Directors of the Expediency Council. In another word, he is one of the few persons who supervise work of the Iranian leader. In addition to holding very critical positions, he teaches lessons on religious jurisprudence (Fegh-h). Phrases/sentences such “as go to hell, you are not human being! You, betraying the state, betraying revolution, and betraying humanity” are insulting phrases that should not be used by any person. All human beings have right to dignity and so must be treated with respect. No person, holding any position, has such a right to damage dignity and honor of any other person, especially if such an involved person is a clergy who has such authority.