Collin Anderson

Collin Anderson is an independent researcher in the area of security and an outstanding expert on Internet freedom in Iran. He is a specialist on Iran’s plans for launching a “national Internet” and disconnecting from the global network. Collin has written several academic papers on the Internet in Iran: Citation Filtered: Iran’s Censorship of Wikipedia (2013); Dimming the Internet: Detecting Throttling as a Mechanism of Censorship in Iran (2013); and Iran’s Hidden Internet: Private XXXX? in the National Network (2012). The Censorship of Wikipedia project was a collaborative effort with the School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania; Anderson and Nima Nazeri checked 800,000 Wikipedia articles; they identified censored topics and assessed the quantified process of Internet censorship by the Iranian government. Anderson also serves a number of small media as a chief editor of political reports and Internet infrastructure in Iran.