Nima Rashedan

Nima Rashedian is a member of the scientific council of Tavana and an expert in digital security, virtual communications, and censorship in Iran. Nima has produced a Digital Security educational manual and taught online courses to students at Tavaana. He also teaches Advanced Digital Security, which helps students propagate digital health and educate others in the digital world. In 1996, Rashedan received his [B.S.?] degree in Software Engineering from the Open University, North Tehran. He published the first bulletin systems during 1995-97. In 1998-99 he served as a communications adviser to reformist groups and newspapers. During 1999-2005, he was the director of Pooya, Iran’s best known web portal. Nima Rashedan has also collaborated with the Swiss Institute for Civil Society and Democracy and Czech civic networks. He currently contributes articles on cyber security to Radio Farda.